Display Security

Compact and robust security platform from MTI that last in the most demanding retail environments allowing retailers to securely display and showcase a full spectrum of consumer electronics while maintaining the mobility, simplicity and ease-of-use.

Mobile Phones






Freedom Micro™ is the industry’s smallest, easy-to-install, top mount solution for mobile phones with unmatched security that integrates into any fixture.

  • Complete Merchandising Flexibility

    • Round or Rectangle form factor available
    • ‘Quick Release’ feature for fast and easy re-merchandising
    • Small, self-contained system (security, power, alarm) minimises cables and clutter
  • The Most Secure Top Mount System Available

    • Industry’s highest rip-out force via cut-resistant TruFeel AirTether
    • Electronic alarm is constantly attached to the device for 1:1 security
  • Mechanical Solution Also Available

    • Compact retail merchandising solution without the need to power a live device
    • Keeps your displays clean and consistent if merchandising with our Standard/Powered Freedom Micro

Tablet Mobility

Tablets have become a prevalent tool to increase customer engagement. However, tablet is an appealing target for theft and how do you keep it secure?

Partnering with ArmorActive, we provide your business with multiple options to secure and power the tablets, either through ‘lock and dock’ products or fully integrated solutions allowing interactivity and mobility for mobile devices. For relatively minimal costs, you can now reach more people during the busy times and those who would prefer a low-key medium to receive the same information.

Kiosk Solutions

Tablet Enclosures



Designed for the iGeneration, the SWiVEL Kiosk™, with its 180-degree swivel base, offers a simple and easy way to interact with customers — all while maintaining the simplicity and ease-of-use that makes the iPad Air, Air 2 such a revolutionary tool for businesses.

Design Benefits:

  • 180 degree Swivel Base
  • Portrait or Landscape
  • Easy to install

Optica™ Enclosure

The Optica enclosure offers four different configurations to support a variety of applications. Use as a digital conference room scheduling solution to signal when a conference room is in use, or as digital signage on a retail floor to draw an audience to a promotion.

Design Benefits:

  • Multiple mounting options
  • Quick access to tablet via magnetic faceplate – Security screws keep tablet protected
  • Landscape or portrait enclosure orientation
  • Supports multiple 8.0” family of tablets

We understand the challenges faced with mobility deployments and have successfully implemented strategic mobility programs in key vertical markets including retail, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, corporate, education and transportation.

Conference Room Displays & Scheduling

Your Secret Weapon for a Better Workplace

More than a meeting room booking system, Teem gives you intelligent tools and powerful workplace analytics to optimise your most valuable resources: your people, places and technology. Get rid of analog conference room signs that need to be updated constantly and use EventBoard’s room display software with live-time availability at a glance. In addition, employees can make reservations right from the display, making it easy to schedule a room on the fly and encouraging spontaneous collaboration. Software is available for iPad or Android tablets.


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