Why Choose EASiD?

Nedap EASiD is an ideal solution for loss prevention if:

  • You are already using RFID in the supply chain and you want to benefit from the fact that your merchandise is already RFID-labeled.
  • You are looking for a hybrid RF/RFID system, which makes it possible to combine RF and RFID labels on your merchandise or gradually introduce RFID labels.
  • You want a reliable EAS system, but maintain the open look of your store entrance.
  • You have problems with false alarms from merchandise that is purchased in retail stores in your neighbourhood.

iD Top

The Good Looking Solution for Loss Prevention

The concealed, ceiling-mounted EAS solution reduces shrinkage, improves product availability and covers wide entrances, making it the ideal electronic article surveillance solution for retail stores.

  • No Loss of Selling Space

    The ceiling-mounted RFID antenna takes up no selling space in the store and makes it possible to have completely open entrances where products are enhanced by a bright and open environment.

  • Eliminating False Alarms

    The concealed RFID antenna offers significant advantages such as the possibility to determine whether a product is leaving the store, entering the store or if it is just a stationary item, thereby reducing false alarms drastically.

  • Future Ready Solution

    No matter whether RFID-based EAS is the first or final part of your RFID roll-out, with the iD Top, you have a scalable, future-proof solution to permanently reduce the losses in your stores.

Out of the Box Solution

iD Top ensures an easier and more cost-effective installation, since no major structure work is needed; the antennas can be installed above false ceilings, hanging on steel cables or directly attached to the ceiling, which makes it easy to move them to another location whenever the store design changes. Here is a showcase of how the concealed overhead iD Top combines excellent detection performance with the smallest possible impact on the store’s design.

iSense RF/RFID

The Step to an Intelligent Future

The iSense is an intelligent article surveillance system that offers immense benefits compared to traditional EAS systems. iSense enables retailers to reliably prevent losses, fully embed article surveillance into the existing security IP network and gather actionable data directly from all stores, around the world, 24/7.

RFID Upgradable with One Click

Since RFID is becoming more common rapidly the iSense antenna is equipped with a RFID reader as a standard. The hybrid antenna, reading both RFID and RF tags, offers great benefits for retailers that adopted RFID.


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