In-store Marketing

Promoting new arrivals in-store, updating the food menu, putting up information signage for guests can never be easier with digital signage solutions. Digital signage transforms the retail experience, allowing you to communicate in ways that probably were not available before.

Digital Signage

Your Solution to a Highly Effective In-store Advertising!

Digital signage can cut distractions by attracting and directing the attention of potential customers in a store.

We provide solutions and services suited for both indoor and outdoor applications across various industries, including retail, food and beverage, shopping malls and hotels.

Deliver Dynamic and Stunning Multimedia Content

  • Ability to display both video and images at the same time – the content on the screen is endlessly flexible, limited only by the tools and the imagination!

Great Return on Investment

  • Eliminates the high cost of creating print ads – the same message can be created and displayed far more quickly with digitial signage.
  • Ability to change promotions and/or contents instantly.
  • Allows thematic in-store advertising focus around a specific season, holiday or even a new trend or fashion.
  • Communicate information to your customers, influencing their purchase decision.

Future Ready Solution

  • Grab customers’ attention compared to static, printed ads, and influence their purchasing decision.
  • Provide up-to-date information of promotions, products, activities or events.
  • Allows the promotion of specials, new dishes, and high margin items.

User Friendly Content Management System

  • Simple and easy to use with drag and drop templates.
  • Create attractive content and manage it remotely.
  • Content can be updated and displayed simultaneously.


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