Workplace Occupancy

The VergeSense solution turns space data into insights and recommendations. When combined with other information on your workspace and workforce, VergeSense can help you improve the use of shared spaces, reduce desk vacancy, decrease energy consumption, and lower real estate overhead by allocating workspace efficiently.

Business needs change, be ready to react quickly and confidently.

  • Agile Workplace Design
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Smart Cleaning
  • Enhanced Employee Experience

Every square foot is an opportunity.


Agile Workplace Design

Is your workplace a good candidate for agile seating?

Use VergeSense analytics to understand desk usage behaviours, create desk sharing scenarios, and create dynamic office plans to make your workspaces work for you.

Portfolio Optimisation

Maybe you don’t need more conference rooms.

Real estate is second largest cost for most companies. VergeSense analytics helps you anticipate your current and future workplace needs and decide where and when to reduce or increase your office space.

Smart Cleaning

Ensure the health and well being of your employees.

Protecting the safety of your employees is your first priority. VergeSense analytics helps you proactively identify heavily used spaces so you can more efficiently service your facilities.

Enhanced Employee Experience

Reduce common workplace frictions and enable employee success.

VergeSense’s scalable suite of technologies powers a smarter office. Empower employees to work more efficiently and connect seamlessly.



The VergeSense system consists of four components.

  • Sensors

    Wired or wireless battery operated sensors that come in a variety of mounting configurations.

  • Gateway (for wireless system)

    Gateway device uses edge analytics to process sensor data and then transmits it to the cloud. Gateways utilise a cellular back link for cloud connectivity, allowing them to operate independent of corporate IT.

  • Cloud Analytics & API

    Anonymous data is analysed in the cloud and can be consumed via the VergeSense portal or exported via the VergeSense API.

  • Cloud Learning

    As more powerful deep-learning modules develop, new models are pushed to the devices. Sensors continually improve and acquire new skills with time.

The sensors can be installed quickly and securely wherever people work, providing unprecedented visibility into how your spaces work.

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